Kate hudson dating alex rodriguez

Her people have booked us an outside table under a false name, in a bid to wrong-foot the paparazzi, but when she does arrive, her cover is blown by the waiters who refer to her as ‘Miss Hudson’ as they hold open the doors and show her to the table. I try to catch the eyes of my fellow diners, they of little faith. As I entered my thirties I realised I was an empath. She disapproves of the game now allowing proper nouns. My duplicity made it difficult to focus on the task at hand. There is one scene in which Hudson is cavorting semi-naked on the bed, before being spanked. ‘I think it depends on your sense of humour where you draw your boundaries. People are going to see them, but I take the view you only live once and, hey, I’m getting spanked today!

As we order drinks I tell her I am still recovering from a preview of her latest film, The Killer Inside Me, made by the British director Michael Winterbottom. ‘But I suppose there are some nouns you don’t expect to be nouns, like duplicity. After about the 20th spank we all started to laugh because you become quite comfortable with the idea and it becomes about the technical side of things. And I’m working with Michael Winterbottom, who is an amazing director.’ Hudson has a five-year-old son, Ryder.

Her best-known relationship was with Owen Wilson, with whom she co-starred in You, Me and Dupree.

I ask her what that was like, whether, when two actors are in a relationship and they have an argument they ever catch each other acting? I went through a phase where it really affected me.

You know you could be laughing one minute and then crying the next, because a director has asked you to cry. If I want to draw attention to myself, put on heels and a tight dress and do my hair up, then I can. 'For me I’d go crazy if I couldn’t go out and walk in the streets. There have been days when I have been in three different tabloids, writing about me being in three different relationships, with people I haven’t even met. ’ The hardest thing must be when she falls in love with someone and then, when the relationship comes to an end and both parties are feeling emotionally raw and vulnerable, it is treated as entertainment.

But when you have two people who are actors that doesn’t happen so much because they both understand about creative space. You know acting is not normality, that you have to be a little dysfunctional to be an actor. 'But it’s not just the long lens, it’s what they say to you up close, the most horrible things, in front of my son.

But the singer and her athlete beau paid no mind to the attention while clinging to each other in the Big Apple's trendy West Village area.

For the occasion, the Shades Of Blue actress was not hard to miss wearing a spectacular outfit that had many shades of nude.

It silenced any critics who might have accused her of nepotism. She has a reputation for being an extrovert, ‘not a shy bone in her body’ as one of her co-stars said. ‘Not sure, but the older I get the more I am OK with it. But going clubbing is not easy for me because of the commotion it causes. Don’t get too close, don’t shake my hand, you’ll end up in a tabloid.’ Ah yes, the paparazzi. A week after we met, there was speculation in the gossip magazines about whether or not she had had her breasts enlarged (this being a quality publication, we shall not go there).

When I was younger I felt I had to apologise for being so happy, for not seeing things in a negative way.’ She is most confident, she says, when she is dancing (if you have seen Nine, you will know that she is pretty accomplished). And rarely does a week go by without tabloid speculation that she is pregnant, or too thin, or too fat, or too needy, or has been dumped, or has got engaged.


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