Spreading her legs, she said “You didn’t fuck me since this morning, and now I’m dripping” she said.

I got on the bed in front of her, and put my index finger against her pussy.

I told the lady at the desk you need extra room at the front, and she said ‘Lucky You’”. I came out with only a pair of boxers on, and sat on the other side of the three-seater couch. I massage the soul of her feet as she put the book to side and closed her eyes.

“Why don’t you put your feet up here Sharon” I said, as grabbed her feet and placed them on the lap. My fingers circled her heels as I slowly slid one sandal off. Her other foot was getting restless on my lap, so I traded feet and took her other sandal off. As I sucked her toes, her other foot began to massage my groin.

“Looks like those boxers give you plenty of room Jeff” Sharon said “What do you mean? “Stand up baby” Sharon said So I let go of her foot, and stood in front of her.

“I guess it’s got room, but if I really want to get a hold, all I would have to do is this.” she said.Her breasts flooded her bra and spilled over the edge.Still standing I put my hands on her breasts to roll down her bra, which unleashed her large tits.She pushed to turn me around and placed her hands on my back side, and said.“See, they give you a good tight fit at the back to coincide with your firm butt.Turn around baby, and you’ve got a loose fit at the front, for plenty of room for your cock” “Do you think it has enough room for a hand” I asked jokingly.


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