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and the enduring folklore that has surrounded the two warring clans for generations.And on a bright and sunny California day, with a perfect cotton-blue sky open as far as the eye can see, a clamor of voices travel up the stone walkway. Watching Matt Barr, Boyd Holbrook and Noel Fisher is like watching a true band of brothers, a bond formed on the isolated Romanian set of the highly anticipated mini-series.He overcompensates for his disability and becomes a sharp shooter.BH: I looked at a lot of the primitive elements of the era. There wasn’t education as such and the only world that matters is the one they live on the mountain. We shot in Romania because Kentucky was too developed.I took a read through it and loved it, so, I went in for the audition.I got a call a few days later with the role offer and I couldn’t refuse!He’s very much a lover and he falls in love with Roseanna Mc Coy. MB: Johnse is unapologetically who he is and refuses to be anything but that and I’ve always felt that way with myself – part stubborn, part pride.Johnse loves with his heart first probably at times to a fault.

BOYD HOLBROOK: I went in for a couple of different roles and ‘Cap’ is the one that fit, couple rounds of that and got it.

It is a day that shifts from penguin suits and glamorous gowns to weather-worn jeans and tees when its all said and done with much laughter left behind.

These young bloods are veterans in their own right, having credits ranging from MATT BARR: I told my agents to look for a pseudo-western, one of my life dreams and when this came along and Kevin Costner was attached, I knew going into the audition that if there ever was a time to grab what I want in life, this was it.

For generations, the Hatfields and Mc Coys have hated each other.

But Johnse doesn’t carry that hate and questions it which causes strife in his family.


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