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Moms are probably the best people in our life — they feed us, teach us life lessons, and even join Facebook to stalk us and learn a little bit more about who we are online.But, sometimes our moms don't really understand how Facebook works — or worse, understand it all too well and remind us who it is that brought us into the world.Behind the seductive veneer, he houses a huge secret that can easily go undetected by single moms new to the dating scene: He only wears flip-flops.A dozen identical pairs are lined up by the front door of his "minimalist" bachelor pad.Just let me know when your next appointment is free, baby Jayde, and I'll book my flight!

"So I was like, 'Here, Jayde, just brush mommy’s hair.' I love Snapchat and my daughter loves to talk on Snapchat, so I just started recording, and this is what happened." Can you even deal with all this cuteness?Recognized by experienced moms as the universal signal that he can't commit to anything, you decide instead to write it off as "hipster." While he's chatting with you at an out-of-the-way cafe he has texts flying in from ladies just like you in multiple parts of the country (he's a midnight Internet surfer, after all).When he confesses he's moving to Oregon to live with a molecular gastronomist he fell in love with via email, you're more devastated than when you got divorced. The Smart and Sweet Rebound When the douchebag leaves you heartbroken and addicted to drive-thru meals, you find solace in -- gulp -- his best friend, an aspiring poet who makes a living writing book jacket copy.He probably majored in Physical Education, and he gets by doing small-scale art projects for local coffeehouses.Meaningless and erroneous conversations about books and architecture enjoyed while he strums his guitar leave you swooning.Inspired by the true life events of today's single moms, the following is designed to be a guide, not a rule book, for those mamas re-entering the dating pool with both bruised hearts and jelly stains on their LBDs. He is unbelievably fit and handsome, but in a sexy, scruffy way that manages to be the polar opposite of your khakis-loving, clean-shaven ex-husband.


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