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Mitchell-Hedges was a writer of shady heroic epics, but with this cock-and-bull story he solidified his reputation as an adventurer.

He advertised his alleged find as the "Skull of Damnation." Crystal from Brazil and Madagascar The fictional film character Indiana Jones would later memorialize Mitchell-Hedges on the silver screen.

Eccentrics and collectors paid large sums for the relics, and promptly locked them away in safes.

SS leader Heinrich Himmler reportedly owned a particularly opulent specimen, which weighed 9.2 kilograms and was 17.5 centimeters (seven inches) tall.

In the fourth part of the film franchise, the whip-swinging archeology professor searches for a crystal skull in Peru.

Peuster, the lapidary, and his godfather Manfred Wild reconstructed the true story of these artifacts.

Rosendahl finds it surprising that the skulls became so popular only in the late 19th century.

Rosendahl will ceremoniously pull a black cloth from the case to open the "Skull Cult" exhibit, and he's looking forward to the astonished looks on the faces of museum visitors.

He won't hide the fact that the transparent skull is not an archeological artifact.

Even then there was no evidence at all that they were authentic artifacts from Mexico.

The skulls were brought into circulation by shrewd figures like the Paris antique dealer Eugène Boban.


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