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It added greatly to his sorrows that his eldest son Henry should have displayed from childhood a marked disinclination to sobriety of thought or behaviour and even appeared to read the Bible for pleasure not profit.

Algar Thorold for letting me make a few quotations from the latter’s Life of Henry Labouchere (1913). Thorold’s work, to which I am also indebted for many facts, is indispensable to those who are interested in late Victorian politics. L ABBY CHAPTER I AN ENGLISH EDUCATION A YOUNG French clerk in the house of Hope at Amsterdam was sent to England by his firm in order to negotiate certain business with Sir Francis Baring, fell in love with the financier’s daughter and asked permission to marry her. ‘Would it make any difference to your decision if you knew that Mr. The young French clerk, whose name was Pierre- Cesar Labouchere and who was descended from a family of Huguenot cloth-merchants, returned to Am- sterdam and expressed a wish that he should be given a partnership. The elder boy became an eminent politician of the conventional whig type, occupying several posts in the cabinet and ending up as Baron Taunton.

LABBY Biographies hy the Sam Author: Doctor Darwin (Erasmus Darwin) The Smith of Smiths (Sydney Smith) The Fool of Love (Wiliam Hazlitt) Gilbert and Sullivan Labhy (The Life and Character of Henry Labouchere) by HESKETH PEARSON published by HAMISH HAMILTON 90 Great Russell Street London First Published Second Impression April igs S May igg S PRINTED IN GUERNSEY, C. TO DOUGLAS JEFFERIES ‘That horrible lying Labouchere/ ~ Queen Victoria. ‘A kinder-hearted man never lived.* The Earl of Dunraven. Certainly he was born with his wits about him AN ENGLISH EDUCATION because at a very early age he noted the effects of puritanical suppression in the strange behaviour of an aged relative.

P.s who always told the truth and was always amusing.* -Wilfred Scawen Blunt. To those who knew him in after-life it seemed that he had always been alive; they could not imagine a world wi Aout ‘Labby’; he was the comic conscience of the universe; and just as he was different from all other men, so was he different from all other children, even his birth taking on the quality of a visitation.

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