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I think these quizzes are a kind of focus for attention for thinking about yourself.” She goes on to add that people have always loved quizzes, but in the pre-social media days, we primarily took them for ourselves.“Now they’re specifically for performance,” she said.Play Buzz, another site with a heavy quiz focus, was the second-most shared publisher on Facebook in October.And the most shared piece of content on Facebook last quarter was a Bitecharge quiz titled “How old do you act?

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They are rarely founded upon anything scientific, but they are a fun and easy way to get just a little more insight to someone’s personality.Given the undeniable popularity of quizzes, they should be a key part of any company’s content strategy.People love taking them and sharing them with their friends, and they can even be used as a lead generation tool.Another quiz that is frequently credited with igniting the recent quiz craze is the “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk” from the New York Times.It was actually 2013’s most popular story on, despite being posted less than two weeks before the end of the year.When you create a quiz, be sure that the end product will educate and/or entertain your audience, or it will remain in content purgatory where no one will see it. College Humor frequently uses quizzes to entertain their audience.


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