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Son is in his home office reading over some reports.

We pan out to see that Mom on her sons lap, grinding on his cock.

The continue talking while mom goes to the stairway, and spreads her legs wide.

Son comes to her and starts fucking her then and there.

She brings in the mail and sorts through it in the kitchen.

She finds one addressed to her son, from the university/college he had made as his first choice.

Then mom kisses her son on forehead then the cheek, then on the mouth.

She comes off the kiss, looks at her son longingly and starts to kiss him again, and again, getting more passionate each time, until mom and son start groping and kissing each other in a full blown makeout session.

During the conversation, both mom and son take off one article of clothing at a time, and act like nothing is happening.She tells him if he rejects the west coast offer, shell give him another thing he hasnt had yet Anal. 1,4Gb - - - 1280x720 added Dear Diary I don't know whats come over me lately but I've been having really strange feelings for my Daddy. You'll never believe what happened the next morning.She encourages their interaction by asking him questions such as You like the way sucks your cock? To this the son replies in brief answers as he is still unsure of what is happening.Mom continues to give him one hell of a blowjob until mom can feel her sons cock pulsing.She starts bouncing on his cock while he goes over the reports.


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