Mixed wrestling dating

4 women briefly held the company's now discontinued Hardcore Championship: Terri, Mighty Molly, Trish Stratus and one of The Godfather's Hos.

The discontinued Cruiserweight championship has also been held by 3 women: Jacqueline (while under the WWE logo) Daffney and Madusa (the latter while the title was under WCW's banner).

‘As scary and exciting as it was, I noticed a lot of interest.

I also noticed a lot of support from women and I felt as though I was inspiring many women to take on things they never thought they could.’ And with this discovery, Cam thought there could be something in this: ‘I looked into females fighting and stumbled across session wrestling,’ she says.

Kaufman participated in several filmed staged matches of this nature and proclaimed himself the "Intergender Champion", issuing an open challenge to any female challenger who can defeat him.

Perhaps the most successful female wrestler who competed in intergender matches was Chyna.

Intergender tag team matches are not to be confused with mixed tag team matches: there is a rule governing mixed tag team matches that restrict male and female competitors from attacking each other.

If a tag is made, the other team has to automatically switch wrestlers, who should be of the same gender as the opposing team's legal wrestler.

Models Wrestling Management (MWM) was started four years ago by Cam, a 31 year old ex model, dancer and boxer.

‘I was a part of a charity boxing event which involved me jumping in the ring,’ she says.


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