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Not least Dan Jarvis, the MP for Barnsley Central, who warns that “the UKIP fox is in the Labour henhouse and we have got to make a decision about what we want to do about that fox”.

Labour’s problem is that there is little internal agreement about what exactly they should be doing.

The problem now is that 2016 saw ridiculous political events occur all too regularly.

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Despite UKIP having only one MP, Brexit has shown the extent to which the party has changed the course of British politics.

Since his election, Nuttall has made it absolutely clear that he intends to “erase Labour”. With the referendum won, UKIP have looked in danger of drifting out of the political spotlight.

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The routine is also funny because it is utterly ridiculous.In Farage’s own words: “my aim in being in politics was to get Britain out of the European Union.” At times it has felt as though UKIP’s move to attract blue collar voters has been subsidiary to this overarching goal.With Brexit now achieved, Nuttall has been given licence to use UKIP’s existing machinery to forge a national alliance between disenfranchised former Labour voters and anti-immigration social conservatives.Moreover, Nuttall, who has been an MEP for North West England since 2009, appears uniquely placed to challenge Labour in the party’s post-industrial heartlands.Right wing populist parties have rallied around the bombastic personalities of a leader with ‘the common touch’.Effectively, the longer the government dithers over single market access, the longer Nuttall has to rebuild the party in his image.


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