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At the end of a very special day, during which the love between us fathers and our daughters created a whole new universe, we stayed for the night.The next morning, we decided to invite the mothers as well. It was a warm, sunny day at Nature's Ally -- Naturally, and the afternoon promised to get hot.As Maria had done earlier, the girls wrapped a Pareo around themselves as not to shock their mothers with their nudity. " She didn't run around the subject of nudity, that's for sure. She wore a white cotton vest with buttons, a denim skirt and a pair of heeled, leather sandals. In the meantime, Anne's mother showed that dressing rooms were a familiar place to her, or so I read from the way she was undressing.Tanya wore a thin, yellow, sleeveless dress with an Indian print which matched her coloured skin beautifully. I had never imagined myself to be in a CFNM situation but I guess it's something I can get used to! As Anne was a hockey-chick, her mother was a hockey-chick-turned-mother with the same type of ponytail Anne had and with her sunglasses on top of her head. When I turned around, she had already stepped out of her skirt and panty. ' I thought when I discovered her panty was a tiny thong!English is not my first language so it may have otherwise read as if you were listening to somebody from a foreign country.****** Naked Alley was the nickname my daughter, Bibi, and her friends used for what was officially known as Nature's Ally -- Naturally.The day after, we were waiting for some mothers to arrive.

She wore a headband-like red bandana, with her hair pinned up, which made her neckline visible and her body look even taller. There you will find hottest girls in hard porn videos, fuck in all whole! All Galleries Categorized by sex niches and video properties!This story is the third part of the "Naked Alley" series.Together, with her friend Tanya, who owned the nudist camp, and a group of girls, they had organized a nude Father's Day event.Some non-members, like myself, were invited to join and get acquainted with life at a nudist camp.With her newly polished hand and toenails, we could see she had spent the morning preparing for her entrance. Anne had already loosened her Pareo and stood next to Tanya who was stepping out of her dress. " I greeted her, walked up to her and gave her a hug and a kiss on her mouth.


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