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That works out to a lot of people presumably with humanoid aliens as neighbours – especially in China and India, where the number of people agreeing with that statement came in at an astonishing 42 and 43 per cent respectively.Canadians were more skeptical at 16 per cent: Which was less than the Americans at 24 per cent, but bigger believers than western European countries such as Denmark, at 8 per cent.“Were the respondents drunk?

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An infamous sighting during a daytime solar eclipse in Deqing, China, was caught on film by students in 2009 and shown on Chinese television. space program fuelled both a fascination with aliens and paranoia about government activity, China’s space program – the country launched in first lunar probe in 2007, and has vowed recently to continue it exploration of the moon – has inspired suspicions about the government.“China has a long history of people being very skeptical about what their government tells them,” says Chris Rhea, an Asian studies professor at the University of British Columbia, “and has also entertained this possibility, that maybe there are these creatures around and the government is just not going to admit it.”Back in the 16-per-cent West, on an early February morning in 2008, David Fairn, a 25-year veteran of the RCMP, looked out his bedroom window and saw a strange set of lights in the sky.

“If they wanted them, they would already be here.”"In 1991, while monitoring a space shuttle mission, in the secret Mission Control Center at the Kennedy Space Center, I was flabbergasted to observe an entity that was eight to nine feet in height in the open Space Shuttle Pay Load Bay while it was in earth orbit."My career has been dedicated to the study of astronomy and space exploration at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, from 1958 to 1992. I helped to design the rocket launchers and service towers working periodically with Dr.

I graduated from a small technical college, Western Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. Wernher von Braun and his group of scientists during his many visits.

They cure disease and recruit teenagers to be ambassadors of cross-species peace.

The Visitors soothe their new hosts with blandishments, but are secretly infiltrating Earth’s population and a few wily humans learn their secret: The aliens are lizard-like beneath their perfect human faces, concealing nefarious plans.


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