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Most of those individuals or entities are clearly identified in Iraqi documents, some of which were substantiated through interviews with former Iraqi Regime officials.

We name those individuals and entities here in the interest of candor, clarity, and thoroughness.

Translations of Iraq’s Bilateral Trade Protocols B. Suspected Intermediary and Front Companies Associated With Iraq L.

UN Security Council Resolutions Applicable to Iraq I.

His initial belief that UN sanctions would not last, resulting in his country’s economic decline, changed by 1998 when the UNSC did not lift sanctions after he believed resolutions were fulfilled.

Although Saddam had reluctantly accepted the UN’s Oil for Food (OFF) program by 1996, he soon recognized its economic value and additional opportunities for further manipulation and influence of the UNSC Iraq 661 Sanctions Committee member states.

Analysis of Iraqi Financial Data The Iraqi revenue analysis presented in this report is based on government documents and financial databases, spreadsheets, and other records obtained from SOMO, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, and the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), and other Ministries.

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One aspect of Saddam’s strategy of unhinging the UN’s sanctions against Iraq, centered on Saddam’s efforts to influence certain UN SC permanent members, such as Russia, France, and China and some nonpermanent (Syria, Ukraine) members to end UN sanctions.But it is not in ISG’s mandate or capabilities to investigate or judge those non-Iraqi individuals or entities.And in many cases, the Iraqi documents and detainees stop short of confirming that a particular transaction was consummated, or that a courted foreign government official said “yes” to Iraqi blandishments.Procurement Acronyms Regime Strategy and WMD Timeline Events This chapter of the Comprehensive Report details the evolution of Iraq’s campaign to evade and overcome the UN ban on its import of material related to Weapons of Mass Destruction and conventional military forces.It also describes Iraq’s effort to use the sale of its oil to hasten the end of the entire sanctions Regime.All Iraqi revenue data and derived figures in this report have been calculated in current dollars.


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