Penn reel dating

Longer drops and/or bigger sharks and you'd be in trouble, no doubt.

But if you fish it smartly within its limits you can land almost anything.

Every Jigmaster our family has bought since 1965 still works. I came and was just as claimed, brand new and in the box. I know we will slay them with this reel, mounted on a "Penn Renegade" rod. I routinely shark fish from the beach with short drops between the 1st and 2nd bars.

I bought a "Jigmaster" on line from a private source. Excellent for sharks up to 6-8 feet, which constitutes the majority of sharks you're likely to catch on short to medium drops here in Pensacola.

Asked if I have the same old reel I smile and say "YUP"Jigmsster reels have been made by Penn for decades.

The reels are still tough as nails and will take a licking from saltwater game fish and continue to work flawlessly.

I run a charter boat business and for the money these reels are excellent choices for my customers and their various angling skills.

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions regarding any of our premium fishing tackle products.

Penn is quite simply the most popular brand of saltwater fishing reels and rods in the industry.


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