Phone adult dating ghana com

Many kids in Ghana did not get the “” talk from their parents.

It was mostly through TV where most young people learned about what goes in the bedroom.

With access to the internet, some myths about dating and sex have been debunked.

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There is still that hesitation with the onset of the internet and social media, discussions of that nature seem to be taking place a lot more frequently.There is a running joke on the internet about this.This type of thing was probably happening years ago but with the internet and mobile phones, it’s so easy now to just click and send.If you “Like” someone’s profile and they also “Like” your profile, you’re instantly “matched” and you can start chatting with each other and eventually took the conversation offline.There’s no data about online dating in Ghana but from my experience, Tinder seems to be full of girls who are actively trying to “hookup”.The term #Relationship Goals is ever becoming a popular trend where couples take selfies of themselves and post it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook.


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