Pictures of dating scammers from russia

Russian scammers are always coming up with new, creative, convincing twists to this basic story...

Like when you offer to buy her flight tickets for her she'll claim that a Russian law requires that she buy her own ticket, so she really just needs you to wire money.

Another approach Russian scammers often use is to post their profiles on Direct-Connection Russian dating sites where there is little or no screening.

This can be a little harder to detect because they do actually interact through the site until they can get you engaged in a direct email communication.

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shoot, even by the time she lands in your country mom/dad/grandmother/etc will have already wired the funds directly to you to repay.Or instead of the "database method", sometimes they just put their email address in disguised form ("elena12321 at ya hoo com") in their profile on a site like ALL girls on Match claiming to be from Russia/Ukraine who post a disguised email address like this are Russian scammers.and does eventually ask for money, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you continue to play their game...She is a FAKE woman in love with you, so wire her some FAKE money!They just put all the email addresses they can collect through this method into a database for later use.


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