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He briefly returned to the stage as a director in the 1990s and again in 2002.Donen is credited with transitioning Hollywood musical films from realistic backstage dramas to a more integrated art form in which the songs were a natural continuation of the story.Before Donen and Kelly made their films, musicals – such as the extravagant and stylized work of Busby Berkeley – were often set in a Broadway stage environment where the musical numbers were part of a stage show.Donen and Kelly's films created a more cinematic form and included dances that could only be achieved in the film medium.The gauzy sunlit streets of Venice are returning to Netflix on June 2, as the second season of the original series “Flaked” sets its official release date.“Flaked,” created by Will Arnett and Mark Chappell and developed by Mitch Hurwitz, stars Arnett as Chip, a recovering alcoholic living by the beach in Los Angeles, juggling a complicated personal life with the lies he’s told to stay afloat.Donen said that he "must have seen the picture thirty or forty times.

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He was hailed by film critic David Quinlan as "the King of the Hollywood musicals". His current long term partner is film director and comedian Elaine May.Donen stated that what he was doing was a "direct continuation from the Astaire – Rogers musicals ...which in turn came from René Clair and from Lubitsch ...A sense of well-being filled me." Encouraged by his mother, he moved to New York City to pursue dancing on stage in the fall of 1940.After two auditions he was cast as a chorus dancer in the original Broadway production of Rodgers and Hart's Pal Joey, directed by the legendary George Abbott.Donen moved to Hollywood to audition for the film and signed a one-year contract with MGM.


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