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He was promoted to Southwest Regional Software Services Manager and he and his wife Linda moved to Irving, CA approximately 1984 until his eventual retirement in the early 1990s.Jerry touched our lives in a very positive personal and professional way. I have listed below information if you want to send cards, flowers, etc.From Forrest Titcomb via the Colorado Springs group: It is with sadness that I report that Allan Titcomb, badge number 618, died on January 31 after a long illness.He was an early electrical engineer and later a Senior Marketing Manager, involved with DEC 10s and 20s. Our condolences to the Colorado Springs group who have lost a former friend in Kevin (KJ) Johnson, 58.Jerry's wife's address is Linda Bryant,12852 Lebel Rd., Knoxville TN 37934.Please pass this information on to anyone that would be interested.

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Alan had a military career in purchasing followed by several positions at Digital, retiring in 1992 in NH before relocating to CO.I am sad to report the death of Carroll Wright, 68.Originally from Texas, he joined DEC in the Columbus Ohio office about 1973 as a software consultant.He and his wife Charlotte retired back to New Braunfels Texas in 2012.Deb worked for DEC from 1980-1995, holding various jobs in Information System Management, Helpdesk Supervisor, Operations Supervisor and System Administration.She started her career in the Mill, later moving to Waltham, Parker St, Merrimack NH, Marlborough and back to the mill where she finished her career.


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