Sadist dating

Good therapists will find that and work on it..-Just my 2 cents I've enjoyed very physical sex. I know there are some who enjoy it, but if you aren't sure your partner is into that - don't be surprised if you find yourself out of their bed. Pretty much couldn't help himself - he would promise to be gentle, etc, but would consistantly get too rough - then his disclosure made it clear to me that he wasn't just roleplaying or misreading cues - and that it would not get better, only worse (aka more painful)). But I also have a huge romantic side that likes gentle loving and lovemaking.Finding a guy who can handle a balance of both is not always easy. Is it possible to have a loving and nurturing relationship with a sadist?I watched an interestin video on this type of behaviour, and how therapy or conversion are the only "true" cures (conversion= person takes out that anger/desire on another activity that requires lots of effort, thus lessening the urges i.e. Don't get me wrong, I love rough, physical sex, and male domination in sex, etc.. I know many, many people into the lifestyle, from the more mundate to sheer brutality. Until you've been in sub space, you can't understand it.kickboxing)Most people think of therapy as insulting or disgraceful, but truth is alot of excessive sadistic behaviour DOES have a root, even if it's very subtle. but I am not a masochist (commonly referred to as a "pain slut") and this big, intimidating man whispering those things in my ear turned the desire I had for him into a BIG desire to get him the hell out of my bed. I prefer very, very aggressive men sexually and what I find painful you may not, and vice versa.I mean, I would wonder about people who want to practice sadism, simply because it in the conscious act of inflicting pain on another during sexual intercourse. All it takes is one mis-step or someone to get too excited and what started off as generally rough sex, becomes a trip to the emergency ward. Yes, I've been with a sadistic partner, based on *MY* above stated definition of sadism. Scratching your lovers back during coitus also falls under this umbrella. Playful behavior with a bit of an edge is fine but all-out sadism with excessive pain is simply beyond the pale. I don't think the sadist or the masochist are disturbed in any way. I even laughed at my self when I got stabbed I laughed and said this dont hurt that much I am bleeding I got to go to ahospital now.

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Maybe some people could have a healthy relationship this way...My Gay Master is an online community for men with similar sexual desires to meet other, over 18, men.The site is meant to be a fun and safe community, where users with the same interests can chat, interact and meet.The aim is to provide a platform for gay men who are into bdsm, leather and submission/domination fantasies.The site prohibits any extreme or violent content, and is only meant as a platform for users with similar safe, fun imaginations and interests.He wants to have very hurtful and painful sex with women (outside of his relationship because he cannot vent the 'anger' in that manner with his partner). Is it possible to have a loving and nurturing relationship with a sadist? Sadism does not necessarily mean the dark and painful side. I know many people who have a sadistic relationship that does not involve sex whatsoever... I am a sadist not by your definition but by the definition of feeling pleasure in others pain whether that be from you stubbing your toe to you stapling you finger to the ground it all amuses me personally.


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