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You become very airheaded and even state you feel a bit dumber for some reason.

Your movements get very bubbly and bouncy, you act vapid, twirl your hair, say "like" (valley-girl.) You bounce off and change into a cowgirl/school girl type outfit.

Het is een van de eenvoudigste systemen die ik ooit heb gebruikt.

Nu we Go To Meeting gebruiken, hebben we onze reistijden drastisch verminderd, ofschoon we meer klanten dan ooit van dienst zijn geweest.

A very small top to show off a lot more cleavage/stomach and short skirt or booty shorts maybe a hat or pigtails.

Enter bouncy but stop and do something seductive showing off your outfit. You talk about different things in this is a new personality and act silly.

You start with saying how you want me to look after her as she's your bff etc.

2) woman #1 plays with woman #2 pussy and makes her have an orgasm with video closeup showing the pulsating orgasm (closeup of the pussy/taint area).

Switch roles and repeat--Woman #2 plays with woman #1 nipples and makes cum. ): 1) No fake orgasms or fake orgasm contractions (fake clenching, kegel exercise etc.) 2)No fake moaning or dirty talk needed unless it is 100% natural (not looking for a lesbian porn video--BE NATURAL!

Continue talking how she told you she want's to fuck, and then say -I bet you too haven't jerked off for a while to make sure you perform today, right ? When I do, you bite your lip, and slowly start caressing yourself, breasts, tighs etc.

and tell me to keep it out and stroke as it will help my stamina tonite.


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