Sex chat with male robot

For those who have given up on the opposite sex, or just fancy something a bit novel, why not try a sexbot?Maybe the chat’s a bit boring, but at least they look like your favourite movie star – or even your ex (stalker alert).For instance, one man in Hong Kong spent a fortune creating a robotic woman that looks like Scarlett Johansson for a bargain £34,000. Turn up her intellectual setting and she will recite poetry or crack jokes.She will remember your favourite food, films and music, and is programmed to be witty and charming.

However, there is no picture on the site, not even of Sly Stallone.Lumi Dolls website is still taking appointments for a ‘hidden’ Barcelona location – no appointments yet in the UK.It’s also true that the Roxxxy robot by True Companion comes with various programmable personalities including “Wild Wendy”, “S&M Susan” and “Frigid Farrah.” The latter persona has been labeled “rape mode” by moralists and others (see ethics note below).Four Doll-making Vendors Developing Sex Robots Abyss Creations/Real Dolls ships around 600 dolls annually all over the world, priced from ,400 for a small one to ,000 for one customized for special requirements. From reading articles about technological progress, Abyss appears to be the farthest along in developing a sex robot.Abyss is the parent company for the Real Dolls brand of sex dolls and the home of the developmental sex robot head and associated AI and app which they have branded Realbotix.Sex robots will be the next set of sex tech products with the prospect of being the biggest hit.


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