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But Whats App never had such features, and no other features were broken when Whats App added encryption, a development that came relatively recently.

"Some people want privacy from corporations, abusive partners or employers.Most people won't be concerned about that because they primarily use apps like Whats App and i Message for their "features", she writes, and not because of the technology they incorporate to keep messages safe.Terrorists are using private chat apps to co-ordinate attacks and must be stopped, she writes."Who uses Whats App because it is end-to-end encrypted, rather than because it is an incredibly user-friendly and cheap way of staying in touch with friends and family?" It isn't clear what Ms Rudd was referring to when she suggested there was a trade-off between ease of use and features, and security.Almost every major chat platform – including Apple's i Message – uses encryption in a way that is automatic and doesn't require anything particular of its users.


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