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To encourage property owners to adopt the preference, new resources are now available online that explain the benefits of the homeless preference, and answer questions about the simple steps to adopt the preference.

The short video Multifamily Homeless Preference: Owners and Agents Share their Experience (run time ) features owners and agents of HUD-assisted multifamily properties who have successfully adopted the homeless preference at their properties.

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HUD has issued guidance on adopting a homeless admissions preference in multifamily properties that receive HUD project-based subsidies.

The webinar Implementing a Homeless Preference in Multifamily Housing: An Overview for Continuums of Care and Service Providers (run time ) gives an overview of how the homeless preference works in privately owned, HUD-subsidized multifamily properties, and explains the key role of Continuums of Care and local service providers — both in recruiting property owners to adopt the preference, and sustaining the homeless preference once implemented.

The webinar offers best practices for creating an effective referral and services package to pair with the preference once it has been adopted, and provides a planning roadmap for local communities wishing to promote the preference.

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