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Theon corners Jon in the throne room to ask Jon how he always knows the right thing to do.Jon says he doesn’t, then reminds Theon that Ned Stark is a part of him “just like he’s a part of me.” He adds that he can’t forgive Theon for everything he’s done, “but what I can forgive, I do,” and that Theon doesn’t have to choose between being a Greyjoy or a Stark: He can be both.(Side note: This scene freaking rules.) Eventually, Littlefinger is on his knees in front of Sansa, crying to squeeze out a few crocodile tears as he begs her for mercy. (For more, read our sincere ode to the master manipulator here.) HOUSE LANNISTER: JUST KIDDING!“Thank you for all your many lessons, Lord Baelish. EDITION | Cersei explains to Jaime that she was lying when she said she’d help fight the White Walkers.and they spit in his face when he commands that they help him find Yara and set her free from Euron.The disagreement turns into an all-out fight between Theon and one of the sailors. HOUSE STARK: LONG TIME COMIN’ EDITION | Sansa orders Arya brought to the Great Hall. Sansa gives a speech about how honor demands that she defend her family from those who would hurt it. ” At Littlefinger’s shocked silence, Arya says, “My sister asked you a question.” (Ha!When everyone is assembled in the pit, Bronn and Pod leave the “fancy folks” — which include Jorah, Varys and Missandei — to chat.

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Littlefinger suggests that Jon wants to wed the dragon queen, then he subtly says, “He was named King in the North.

So The Hound hauls out the Box-o-Wight and it runs right at Cersei, yanked back at the last minute only by a chain. Jon demonstrates how to kill the creatures — fire and dragonglass — but assures the queen that if they don’t win the fight, they’re all going to become crazed popsicles. I’m getting the HELL OUTTA HERE,” because he’s afraid. “I am more sorry about the children than you will ever know,” he says, but she won’t give an inch. “I think she will make the world a better place,” he says, adding that the difference between Cersei and Dany is that Dany has advisers who’ll check her worst interests. My family is the only thing that matters.” And when she repeatedly palms her non-existent belly, Tyrion figures it out: “You’re pregnant.” HOUSE TARGARYEN: DRAGONPIT IS THE PITS EDITION | Jon and Daenerys process a little in the pit as she muses about how the dragons that used to be chained up there were pathetic, grew smaller and eventually made the Targaryens just like everyone else.

And while the Lannisters look on in horror, Euron asks if the White Walkers etc. Then she starts sounding the “I can’t have kids” gong when he says that her family isn’t ending, but she reminds him that the witch who messed with Drogo told her so. Things look bleak, but then Cersei, Qyburn, Jaime and The Mountain come back.

And when Jaime says he’ll ride north like he promised, she threatens to have The Mountain kill him.

She almost does — and the Kingslayer pales a little as the beastly man draws his weapon — but when she fails to go through with it, Jaime says he doesn’t believe her. And that’s nice and all, but Jon and Daenerys are totally doing it on that boat, and Bran’s zen narration is KILLING THE MOMENT. We need to tell him.” HOUSE STARK | Baelish’s death brings Sansa and Arya together.


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