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COM) – Kehlani’s debut studio album Sweet Sexy Savage dropped in January of this year and included collaborations with Calvin Harris, Lil Yachty, G-Eazy, Aminé, Cashmere Cat and Stormzy.

Today just saw her release more new music for 2017, dropping the song “Touch” and its sexy accompanying video.

Is there some mysterious force screening what we see and what remains hidden?

According to Neisser the answer is yes, we are constantly overlooking much of the world around us and no, there is nothing mysterious about it.

The key is to realize that this is just what attention is: selectivity.

For a brain with finite computing power, zooming in to focus on one thing always means picking up less information about everything else.

The video features a man and a woman in spooky costumes who meet at a street fair and things get physical in the club.Scads of studies have suggested that the unconscious mind is riddled with stereotypes and biases, even among people who are consciously well intentioned.We asked whether the unconscious screener is prejudiced.That’s how we are able to concentrate on anything at all and leave behind the blooming, buzzing bundle of distraction that is the rest of the world.It is also why being absorbed in a basketball game renders us blissfully oblivious to all requests to take out the garbage.Several cows did notice, however, and they followed Cornell on his ghostly rambles.


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