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" But sometimes, the test drive doesn't go as smoothly as planned -- you just aren't feeling it.

Similarly, there are times during first dates when the chemistry just isn’t there.

For instance, opting for Miller Lite at a craft brewery suggests that you're an unadventurous square; taking shots at dinner says you're looking to get after it instead of get to know the person you're with; and ordering a mudslide anywhere other than Applebee's says you have the palate of a second-grader.

A few years ago, a guy took me out for sushi on a first date; I hadn't realized it was a BYOB restaurant until he met me at the door with two wine bottles in tow.

If you have cheese and charcuterie awaiting her, that's at least five automatic points in your favor. You're not going to look "lame" if you slow down and stop ordering cosmos once you feel a buzz -- but you WILL look like a complete slob kabob if you keep downing booze with him and subsequently yak under the table -- or worse, start crying because you miss your ex.

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The website has just soared to the 80,000-member mark, a press release says."Share a drink with an attractive stranger in the totally safe environment of a public airport," the website's home page urges.

It can be a letdown, but it's more than OK to realize that you're not that into him or her.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't owe this person anything -- you promised a first date, and that's it.

Why do grown men who are obviously NOT still funneling beer or drinking from the keg tap seem shocked that I can live my life happily without booze?

Last night, for instance, dinner with a car battery manufacturing plant manager.


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