Signs of dating a con artist

Romance cons often involve "reshipping" schemes, in which you're sent merchandise purchased with stolen credit cards and told to forward it to an overseas sweetheart.There's a new twist that Sluppick says is "growing by leaps and bounds" (though firm statistics are few because victims are usually too embarrassed to report it): Romance scammers are claiming to be soldiers in order to target patriotic women of all ages.These days, as online dating and matchmaking services have become a mainstream avenue for meeting people and getting dates and we are getting involved in long-distance relationships with people from all over the world that you haven’t even met yet – all for the potential of finding that great love – how do you REALLY know if someone is for real or not?How do you really know if someone is genuinely a great guy – or just a phony?After that, you'll never hear from your sweetheart again.So if you're seeking a match in cyberspace, know the warning signs of con-panionship: Sid Kirchheimer is the author of Scam-Proof Your Life, published by AARP/ Sterling Books.

The scammer may say that he or she is unable to cash a paycheck due to working overseas: Let me send you my check — you can cash it and then wire-transfer the money back to me.

Before I move on to the List, I’ll point out that the biggest thing to look for and common underlying theme here is “CONGRUENCY” – In other words, what you have to be continuously looking for in each prospect that you date is do their actions, behaviors, and life match up to who and what they SAY that they are?

Because Talk is cheap baby, and a guy (or girl) can talk until the cows come home about how great of a person they are, how successful or ambitious they are, how stable they are, or how head over heels they are over you.

But luckily I came to my senses and was able to spot out the phony before I got too heavily involved and I was able to make a clean break unscathed.

But from my own experiences and those of some clients and friends who have also fallen prey, I’ve come up with an essential guide for you to use when dating and getting to know new prospects to determine whether they really check out or not – which should save you lots of wasted time and energy on the wrong people!


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