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About Annie's Desires by: Charlo - Just a few things you should know about me to begin with.

Adventures in Horticulture by: Sailbad - It was not too much to ask, a simple chore, really. Masterson, a kind elderly woman who had always been a good friend, had asked Emily to tend to her house while she was away at a botanical exposition. Alanna's Story by: Robin - Realisation hid her like a well-aimed sledgehammer.

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Adoption by: Durango Dan - "What do you think she wants to see us about Johnny," my twin sister Jodi asked me.

Hed got up typically late; gone for a run; cleaned up and had a hearty breakfast.I am a lad in my late teens and I live in Northumberland (England).About 3 months ago while looking for Lesbian porn on the net a popup came on to the screen, saying do you want to see a mpeg of a wom....She was a tall, muscular blonde, a Nordic war goddess who worked out tw....Alice - My First Orgasm by: Sailbad - My name is Alice and I'm a fit, attractive professional in my early forties. by: Jaded - First off, I can tell you that after reading a lot of the stories here most of this stuff isn't all its cracked up to be. I mean it, a girl can tell when some guy is just writing something to get his rocks off or is pitif....Alanna felt her inner walls start to contract and ad....


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