Smart playlist live updating

The result is that the second playlist is still updated automatically in i Tunes, but it does not seem to get updated on the i Phone . Re-sync with your i Phone, the playlist should now be copied and the songs will be in the exact order you wanted. Searched around the Net - there seems to be a bug with OS 3.1 that gets specifically podcasts out of order. Also, there are users with similar complaints :

thread ID=2154509&tstart=0 I had this problem with i Phone OS 3.1 and i Tunes 9... In my case, turning off "Live Updating" on the smart playlist took care of it.

This is a resource for creating, sharing, and chatting about i Tunes Smart Playlists.

See these faq's for more information: What is a Smart Playlist?

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Another great feature is the ability to store templates that contain frequently used criteria.

Understanding the Basics of Playlists and Smart Playlists Managing Playlists in i Tunes Managing Smart Playlists in i Tunes Community Q&A A playlist allows you to group your favorite songs together.

i Tunes allows you to add or remove songs based off of your personal selection with two types of playlists, a standard playlist and a smart playlist.

This is true even if your original was encoded at a lower quality setting. Doug Adams has launched a great new Macintosh application on the Mac App Store called "Smarts." The app stores the only the criteria which define the Smart Playlists, the smarts of a Smart Playlist, as templates that can be restored later.

Further the "Smarts" can be exported for backup or shared with others.


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