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If they do kill one of your Lords, well, you get something out of it. She is very pretty I give you that, but she is overhyped. The position of the hand combined with the eyes makes me think she is on heavy medication personally.

The real benefit of running her over Core Marg is the Renown and decent stats, particularly Renown on Intrigue. It may not be enough to build a deck around, but there's still some definite potential there. I did some counting as how many Lords/Kings can be used with her, except Tyrell all non-loyal for obvious reasons: Neutr - 3x, Bara - 1x, Grey - 4x, Lanni - 7x, Mart - 4x, Stark - 6x, Targ - 1x, Tyr - 4x When checking this list I realized what bothered me about her but couldn't define it before: in order to use her ability at best you would tend to include as many suitable cards as possible even ones which you normally would not include. She'e not only messing with opponent but also with me when I try to think of cards which to use with her. Riding a horse indoors shows she isn't entirely with it. He looks just a little too happy to be there, clearly on day release. Champ card Marge from 1st edition is also one I'd take over this (though I expect that one to appear in the Tyrell box if anywhere).

It can be hard to get the non-Mil kill effects to trigger against a faction with a good icon spread and strength boosts. Never underestimate the power of cards that force your opponent to change his common tactic or that force him to play around the card.

The same thing was with Tyene Sand, I hardly ever triggered her ability, but my opponent had to concentrate all his tricks to achieve that, opening his flanks. I said it would be clunky to use her because in order to trigger her you will need 3 conditions to be fulfilled: she has to be on board, some lord/king has to be on board, and that lord/king has to be killed.

Btw I love the picture, do you know whether FFG is also selling prints of their games art? Plus Lanni have the cheap non-Loyal Lords to kill off to get better ones. Plus, everyone knows the best shagga combos involve the man himself!

In many cases, her ability is just going to be a bit of extra protection; decent, but not amazing - particularly since it means any targeted kill will just come for her first. Isn't it better to put just those "better ones" lords with some Bodyguards? Sorry guys I'm still surprised about the hype this girl receives.

Especially some of those two cost Lords who can become Renly or Eddard or Tyrion.

If one of your big dudes gets taken out in challenges use her to bring in Varys and clear the board.

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Lord/Lady builds seem to be the future for Tyrell and there already are a lot good Lord/Ladys in the actual card pool to make such a build work. First of all most of the times it is your opponent who controls killing of your characters.

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