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Sex education was taught briefly in a science class, he says, but there wasn’t much discussion.

Tharaka Nishamali, 28, chats using sign language via video with a friend.

British Sign Language was first taught on the island in 1912, when The Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind was established, says Chammi Nishara Dias, senior sign language interpreter at the Department of Social Services.

Over time, the language has been modified to include words unique to Sinhala and Tamil, the two dominant languages in the country, she says.

Nishamali, who is deaf, is pictured in the optician and hearing aid shop where she works in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Aanya Wipulasena, GPJ Sri Lanka Deaf adults might have more information, he says, but he hasn’t broached the topic because there aren’t any appropriate signs to use to discuss it.

The glossary will benefit Sri Lanka’s deaf community, says H. “There was a need for such a sign language in Sri Lanka,” he says.

“The glossary will help to solve a number of issues.

But the Sri Lankan Sign Language is not recognized by the government.

For example, even teachers avoided the subject of sex when it had to be taught in class due to lack of correct signs.” Students at The Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka watch their teacher Rajith Madushan (in blue shirt) interpret for a basketball coach during practice.

Aanya Wipulasena, GPJ Sri Lanka Locally appropriate sign language was slow to come to Sri Lanka.

But he knows that information might not be reliable.

“My friends don’t talk about it much and I don’t get much information by talking to them too because they are also in school and don’t get exposed to society and information much,” says Akalanka, who lives and studies at The Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind in Ratmalana, a suburb of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital.


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