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For some larger chat platforms, the sporadic, disturbing oddities that occur throughout chat rooms has been a major cause of disconcert.

The ability for Pedophiles to engage with children aided by the anonymity of the inter has been a major concern of larger companies fearful of a massive lawsuit.

Dock and undock: on stickam the user chooses (docks) people they want to see or removes (undocks) people they don't want to see.

Those of us who were chatters in the 1990’s might find ourselves looking around our virtual landscape of today, blinking profusely while asking, “What happened to my favorite chat site?

However, the ability to post HTML which spurred the sites growth surly played a part in its demise as people began to learn how to break the chat with the same code.One user, Cocoboy, is a boy, but he likes to dress up like a girl and he is from Scotland. If he is on, I mute everone else and listen to his rambling monologue (it goes on for hours). The most disturbing incident I have ever seen on stickam was a drunk adolescent was with his friends, said he was gay, flashed his peen, then wrote "death to all faggots" and then wrote his phone number and location for all to see. Even though exhibitionism is banned, everyone loves the thrill of the occasional girl or guy who shows all. I have noticed the web watchers are getting nervous. Stickam lies in that interstitial space: not so highly prohibited like pornography, but at the same time, most people would not want their colleauges (or their kids) to know that they cam every night in the room.Or lindababe: she is a girl, I think, and she has her i Tunes on randomizer and she loves to jam out and make obscene comments. Or another time: a girl was live and she was obviously severely overdosed, crying bitterly, and talking about killing herself. Because it is prohibited means it is more exciting when it happens. It is only a matter of time before something hits the news: "teen commits suicide because someone on stickam told them"Which brings me to my second to last point: sex. It eats up your time Mostly uninteresting Don't forget to turn your cam off Gender ambiguity is a given People lie Haters abound But, hey, compared to other empty garbage like Reality TV and QVC, I'll take Stickcam anyday.Sites like The-Park founded in 1994 grew to 700,000 registered members before shutting down in 2001.Talk City is now Delphi Forums and countless others still exist for nostalgic reasons rather than functional ones Omni-Chat, with rooms like Chatterbox were incredibly popular in the 90’s for allowing users to post pictures and text with HTML code.Java Script based chat rooms are becoming a thing of the past as more and more browsers are not allowing Java applets to run.


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