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Listening to their stories allows us to help in several ways.

-It makes girls stop and think about themselves, about their real feeling, what they are going through, etc.

In Japan, this problem is known as a fact because there are journalists reporting this issue.

But not many people hear the stories from the girls themselves.

I think we need to have an easily accessible place where high school girls can connect to public services and social welfare.

For example, a place like a café where high school girls can drop by and have a talk with staff who understand their vulnerability.

When girls search the internet for “high hourly wage” or “part time jobs”, information about “high school dating” hits the search engine.

Pimps advertise the dating as if it is an easy and safe high-wage job. Many girls involved in this industry have a tendency to: – Have low self-esteem (some feel as if the recruiter and customers are the only ones who give them a sense of acceptance).

I first heard the story whilst interviewing teenage girls with difficulties (girls who felt that it was hard to lead their lives). At the same time, the Japanese media was also covering stories on high school dating.

Japanese society has to change their way of thinking about high school girls’ problems.

It is a matter of child protection, sexual exploitation and child welfare.

Many tend to think that girls involved in high school dating are doing it just for money or for fun, and not many people know or care about their backgrounds (poverty, abuse, family problems, etc.) Japanese society doesn’t pay much attention to teenage difficulties, so when high school girls have nowhere to go, pimps and men wanting sexual relationships with girls tend to be the only ones paying attention to them. In Japan, we do not have a proper program for sexual health education.

Students don’t learn about safe sex, how to avoid pregnancy, sexually-transmitted disease, what is violence and what is not.


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