Taylor cole dating

It is not as flowery as women's florals and never for one moment did I feel it was too feminine.

Instead it's so soapy and powdery and sweet but not cloying as to belong to the same class of men's powder scents like Dana's Canoe and Orignal Old Spice.

This is her second fragrance and the only fragrance she made marketing to men.

I wish she had made at least one other men's colognes but in the fragrance industry it's the women demographic that dominates.

The geranium is similar to rose but it's more delicate and subtle. As the fragrance dries down, the sandalwood is prominent.

The jasmine reminds me of the jasmine in Alien by Thierry Mugler. This is one of the most gorgeous woodsy colognes for men to come from this period.


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