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Once that happens we could certainly leverage our platform for growth in other areas. - Interesting line of work, challenging to keep you motivated to learn more- Convenient and beautiful location- Excellent new leadership- Encouraging growth and supporting work environment Pros Improving culture that rewards talent Excellent new hires, especially those in the director/manager levels Flexible work schedule Informal office with more perks than my prior employers Opportunities for advancement Advice to Management Set up a stock option or profit sharing program with employees - make everyone invested in the success of the company.Keep working on improving the culture - get rid of the incompetent and the unhappy.At the end of the day, it is a great place to work. Like any other company there are things that could be improved. The physical work environment, to me, is excellent, as many of the reviews of Telmate have commented. I work hard but have ample time for my private life.I am excited to come to work every morning, I am excited to teach and learn from my colleagues. I don't think glass door is the place to air them. The culture and values of the company are in transition.Charging the poorest Americans the highest allowable phone rates to speak to their relatives/loved ones who are incarcerated. He is calm and intelligent and a great addition to the exec team. A lot of other companies in the SF area have no concept how to make actual money.Talk about bad karma..this really what a moral employee wants to work on? Only immoral or oblivious employees stay here, and most of them know the owners. He is very keen on communication, empowering others. I actually like working here because I like to take initiative, and if you do that here you will like it here. Level of knowledge is very high and the willingness to learn and take on new challenges is ever present. From my perspective, I'm having a five-star experience. I have rarely met such a dedicated and devoted bunch of people in one place. As indicated by my review title, I'm going to focus on my current personal experience in the company.

When they get top people, they place little value in them and if you get on the wrong side of one member of the management board, she will attempt to get your fired (this is backed by multiple examples) and unfortunately, has the full backing of the disengaged CEO so nothing is done about her toxic ways. The your step and your back as you run out the door.There's good camaraderie in the office and at off-site gatherings.Cons I don't think of this as a negative, although some might ...that is, at times, it's necessary to figure out our my way to grow and learn professionally.Management listens to input from both above and below the current position. I love the work I'm doing and the people I work with. I've been able to work on some fairly advanced technology and have learned a lot.


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