Turn ons when dating buzzfeed dating site for everyone

But let’s concentrate on the things that turn men off in the early stages of meeting and dating.

Yes, it’s the 21st century, but men still want a lady.

Good skin — a bit of a healthy tan if he lives where I do8. Continuing to make jokes until I am laughing uncontrollably2.

Ability to do complex math problems in his head (totally serious about this one)9.

Having an engrossing conversation (that one’s probably just me)6. Someone who will rub me the right way…and I mean feet and back! Stable…I already have 4 kids…I don’t need a man who’s a kid5. A great sense of humor (can laugh at himself and me)3. I don’t speak either language, so fake it if you have to :-)!! Hold me, hug me, laugh and smile — nothing like being in the arms of a man that smells good and can make you smile at the same time!

Once we’re in a relationship, these will make me want to cancel our dinner reservations and stay home with him:1. Telling me I’m beautiful and meaning it (we can see it in your eyes…)5. Honest…someone who can actually tell you how they feel4. A good writer and speller; also knows the proper use of punctuation 2. Yes, a new food, experience, whatever, that is a huge turn on.4. yes, just to say hi, to say you were thinking about me, to tell me about your day, and ask to hear about mine. Responsiveness — if I text you or email you, and you reply, and are genuine about being happy to hear from me…

Engaging me in an intelligent/intellectual conversation (I like when a guy wants me to think for myself! Happiness/Optimism — A guy who’s smiling is going to get my attention faster than a guy who looks perpetually pissed off. Doing some chore as a surprise because he knows I hate it4. Taller than me (I’m 5’7″) yeah, burn on baby, I can’t help it.2. Keeps his eyes on me, sort of fixates like a deer in headlights9. Meek (which I define as power under constraint: a powerful person that is wise, gentle, and self-assured. as long as it’s not at him (unless he deserves it5. Here are a few choice turn ons we thought you should know about, courtesy of millions of Ok Cupid out 13 years ago (ah, simpler times) — but being kissed in the rain is still very much a point of excitement for a majority of Ok Cupid members.


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