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In order to source packages from a foreign, but compatible target, the list of allowed architectures can be overrided in with the use of One very useful feature of opkg, which may be unfamiliar to those used to tools such as the apt family, is the ability to specify a destination for any package installation.

Many packages are not relocatable and will fail to install cleanly when installed to a non-root location!

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It's possible that another running program or a previous instance of Firefox that did not close properly is interfering with the Firefox update process.

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opkg files asterisk18 Package asterisk18 ( is installed on root and has the following files: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/res_rtp_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/codec_/etc/asterisk//usr/lib/asterisk/modules/format_wav_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/app_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/chan_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/app_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/app_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/format_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/func_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/func_/etc/asterisk//etc/asterisk//usr/lib/asterisk/modules/format_/etc/asterisk//etc/init.d/asterisk /etc/asterisk//usr/lib/asterisk/modules/res_rtp_/etc/asterisk//etc/asterisk//usr/lib/asterisk/modules/codec_/etc/asterisk//usr/lib/asterisk/modules/func_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/app_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/format_/etc/asterisk/sip_/etc/asterisk//etc/default/asterisk /usr/sbin/asterisk /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/pbx_/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/func_Package: horst Version: 2.0-rc1-2 Depends: libncurses Provides: Status: install user installed Section: net Architecture: ar71xx Maintainer: Bruno Randolf MD5Sum: 378cea9894ec971c419876e822666a6a Size: 19224 Filename: horst_2.0-rc1-2_ar71Source: feeds/packages/net/horst Description: [horst] is a scanning and analysis tool for 802.11 wireless networks and especially IBSS (ad-hoc) mode and mesh networks (OLSR). So if you would like to know, how much storage a package and all of it's dependencies would need, at the moment, you will have to piece this information together with the This only works for installed packages.Once the computer starts up again: Some programs that can interfere with Firefox are set to start up automatically when you start your computer.Before updating Firefox, try closing or disabling such programs; for example, Spybot Tea Timer and Logitech Quick Cam software have been known to interfere with Firefox updates.Hi All, This is my first post, so please be gentle.Not sure if the screen grabs will work or not (resent without screengrabs) and I hope I have removed any IP addresses etc.That way the router continues to provide all relevant services, even with external storage disconnected.


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