Updating guitar pro

), because of the error "QGtk Style was unable to detect the current GTK theme" followed by a segmentation fault... This seems to be a universal DE specific problem, which I could also reproduce on Ubuntu 14.04...

@Maintainer: Please update to my generated tarball. I've tried a modified version of this PKGBUILD with release '11621' of Guitar Pro 6.

I don't know if the of the "demo" version can be used to properly install this application...

@francoisvdv Guitar Pro 6 requires Pulseaudio (see https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pulse Audio).

Now I see: /opt/Guitar Pro6/Guitar Pro: error while loading shared libraries: libfilesystem.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Here is the ldd: = @apaatsio: I had the same issue with libboost_system-gcc43-mt-1_391.39.0 and even sudo did not work for me.

This is how I fixed it: 1) install lib32-boost-libs package from AUR (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/lib32-boost-libs/) 2) trick guitar pro by creating some links: ln /usr/lib32/libboost_1.58.0 /usr/lib32/libboost_system-gcc43-mt-1_391.39.0 ln /usr/lib32/libboost_1.58.0 /usr/lib32/libboost_filesystem-gcc43-mt-1_391.39.0 ln /usr/lib32/libboost_1.58.0 /usr/lib32/libboost_thread-gcc43-mt-1_391.39.0 @apaatsio: this lib is shipped with Guitar pro (according to the official package that I installed, not the one downloaded by this pkgbuild), what ldd on the Guitar Pro executable says about this lib?

When I was opening or creating any file, it just caused a segfault and then crushed, I run dmesg and get this: [ 8309.713877] Guitar Pro[4671]: segfault at 8 ip 00000000f72ca816 sp 00000000ffcd9418 error 4 in lib Qt 4[f707f000 a70000] Can someone help me? I don't know if there is a difference, but I have the license key so this worked for me.

Hi, Guitar Pro crashes for me as soon as I open a file or create a new one: Object::connect: No such signal Play Settings Widget::tuning Changed() in /var/jenkins/workspace/guitar-pro-6-std-linux/gp/Sources/Guitar Pro/widgets/Universe Sub Widget.cpp:133 Object::connect: No such signal Bank List Widget::tuning Changed() in /var/jenkins/workspace/guitar-pro-6-std-linux/gp/Sources/Guitar Pro/widgets/Universe Sub Widget.cpp:133 Object::connect: (sender name: 'Search Tree Widget') Object::connect: No such signal QWidget::tuning Changed() in /var/jenkins/workspace/guitar-pro-6-std-linux/gp/Sources/Guitar Pro/widgets/Universe Sub Widget.cpp:133 Object::connect: (sender name: 'Track Midi Properties') [1] 24344 segmentation fault (core dumped) ./Guitar Pro I already tried applying another QT theme, without luck. Could you please use arch dependend fields, for instance depends_x86 and depends_i686 [1]?

Tip: if for some reason you fail to run the Bank Installer and you want to install the soundbanks, proceed as follows: Download the soundbanks from the website.As mentioned by other posters, I changed "binutils-multilib" to "binutils" and added "gksu" to the "depends" array.Also created a new tarball, which can be downloaded from the following URL: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/sh/29kr9dvw7gnmojk/AADjibd FNAOHa Vs1Sj7c2zz Ta/guitar-pro-11621-1Experience with version r11621: Installs fine, execution is no problem.However, after updating through the integrated updater, there is an info prompt, which mentions that the application is run by an older version of Qt ("gp build with Qt : 4.6.3 and run with Qt : 4.6.2.").On Gnome DEs I had to run the application as root (after the update! source=(" "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/sh/29kr9dvw7gnmojk/AAC9y Xc EWbx Xgt BL5w Ucgam_a/0.9.8" "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/sh/29kr9dvw7gnmojk/AADCm1FBez Xr R3Zos GBS8w Uva/0.9.8") # ...


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