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The headers can be difficult to read, so you may need to copy and paste them into the message analyzer in the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. For third party systems and Saa S applications you should check with their technical support to see whether they provide any advice as to what you should add to your SPF record.Often they'll provide an IP address, range of IPs, or a specific host name.

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However, it's quite normal for businesses who use Office 365 for email to have other sources of email for their domain, such as the web server that hosts their public-facing website, or a Saa S application (such as payroll, marketing, or monitoring systems) that sends email “From” the domain.

It isn't always necessary to add the host names or IP addresses for external systems to your SPF record, depending on how they send email.

We’re going to use j Query and Bootstrap to take some weight out of the code base so we can focus on getting something working quickly without worrying about cross-browser Java Script inconsistencies and basic styling.

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