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Both Williams's Toyota Sequoia SUV and Barson's Hyundai Accent are being stored at Kauffs Transportation Systems in West Palm Beach.Police have already downloaded and circulated data from the Barson's car but when they tried to extract the information from the SUV the system failed.However Ian Duncan, representing the Barson family, scoffed at their suggestion this could take a week.'Typically the way this is done in every EDR download I've ever been present at, one expert is standing there and the other experts has his computer hooked up,' he said.

'She is devastated by it, she thinks about it a lot. The accident remains under investigation and Williams has not been charged.

Hope to be cleared: Lawyers for Venus Williams - who is playing at Wimbledon - said in court in Florida on Friday that a police report blaming her for a car crash which led to the death of Jerome Barson could be 'updated'There had been no suggestion Venus entered the junction illegally.

A police report into the fatal June 9 collision stated that Williams was at fault because she turned left into the path of the car in which Jerome Barson, 78, was a passenger.

Venus Williams had a green light to enter the intersection where her fatal June collision with an elderly couple occurred, new video released Friday revealed, as her lawyer said she could be cleared.

The newly discovered footage of the June 9 crash shows Williams being T-boned at speed by the elderly couple.


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