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Section 1* The Regents of the University of the State of New York are iereby constituted, and sha U co Dtinue, the Trustees of the State Library.

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Many of the present titl g lly formed were designed as references to the printed Catalog f th and not to be sufficient in themselves.

The trustees hereby appointed shall have power from time to time to appoiot a librarian to superintend and take care of said library, and to prescribe such rules and regulations for the goremment of the library as they shall think proper, and to remove the librarian at any time when they shall deem it expe- dient; but for the purpose of removing or appointing a librarian, twelve of the said trustees-ehall be required to form a quorum.

The assistant librarian and messenger shall be appointed by the trustees of the library.

It being decided to publish a condensed Subject-iadex instead of a full Catalogue, it became necessary that the titles should be short and abbre- viated, otherwise a catalogue by subjects would make as large a work as a catalogue by authors.

In the abridgment of the titles it has been intended to retain the words of the author, if necessary for identification. So far as executed in accordance with the plan, the Index gives with regard to each hook at least four facts : The subject, the name of the author, when not anonymous, a portion of the title, and the dale of pnhlication, or the period emhraced in the work, or hoth.


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