Video chat random adults

No one can hear you and you can be sure you didn't see.In all matters of private rooms that you got your new friends, whether in voice or voice and video have the opportunity to speak with you.We encountered many hiccups and dropped video calls during our tests (as did the company when it demoed the service at a press event today), but we'd mostly attribute these things to launch-day demand and server jitters.As the last few hours have passed, the service has become noticeably more reliable.If you want to narrow down your the service's random people matching engine, you can check boxes like "Friends of Friends" to only get matched with people with whom you have a mutual friend.

While you can pick and choose people to chat with, Airtime first and foremost attempts to connect random people with similar interests.

If you click the huge "Talk to Someone" button, the service pairs you up with a user who has similar interests on Facebook.

As the video chat launches, a list of mutual interests, friends, cities you've both lived in, a common birth year, and more might show up onscreen to help stimulate conversation.

While you're chatting, you can watch videos from You Tube together using picture in picture, with more synchronous sharing options to come that could relate to music (Spotify comes to mind, where Sean Parker sits on the board) and online games.

If you're finished chatting, you can either add the person you chatted with to your Airtime buddy list, end the call, or click "Next" to move on to another random person.


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