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“11-12" is auspicious because it can also be pronounced as “good husband and wife.” For a traditional Shinto wedding the groom dons a traditional black kimono for the ceremony and sometimes changes into gaudy blue or white tuxedo, like those worn by American high school boys on prom night, for the after-wedding party.

A bride that endures five costume changes wears a traditional white kimono with a white hat fixed over complex hairstyle (usually a wig) for the ceremony.

Often one family will lobby to host the wedding and then take out a large loan to pay for it.

By 1986, according to a survey by Sanwa bank, more than 70 percent of weddings were either held at hotels or wedding halls.

One of the top wedding publications is a magazine designed for women called “Zexy”. A typical wedding for 50 to 100 guests in Japan costs around ,000.

It is not unusual for the cost of single wedding to exceed 0,000.

By the early 1990s, 90 percent fo Japanese brides received a diamond ring when they got married.

The Japanese retail diamond market was worth .6 billion in 1991, and despite the collapse of the bubble economy Japan remains the world’s second biggest market for diamonds.


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