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Lorraine mentioned to the actress - who is married to Daniel Craig - that she happens to have James Bond as a husband.A-list actress Rachel Weisz made an appearance on the Lorraine show today and kept things casual but stylish in trousers and a top.She calls him a little puppy dog.'Sam also spoke of the pressures that men face, as well as women, in the spotlight.'Men definitely have pressure, especially in today’s society with social media and TV commercials.Of course men feel pressure and insecurity and feel the need to be Chris Hemsworth.Now this isn’t something that you need to say, it should just come across in how you act.I would say focus on being fun and lighthearted and enjoying the relationship for exactly what it is.

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To a guy, calling a woman his girlfriend is typically a huge pain in the ass and if the woman is making herself so available and so committed when he hasn’t committed to anything, why would he call her his girlfriend?

I want to be him but I'm not willing to go through all the work,' he said.

New father Sam spoke of his first child, who he welcomed in 2015.'It’s the first time I’ve put someone before myself.

Everything is pretty much perfect- we love spending time together, he really cares about me, we spend almost every night together, and we’re pretty much a ‘couple’ in the conventional sense.

The only problem is he won’t call me his girlfriend.


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    I think people really should give him a second chance 'cause he is a great guy.” Burke pointed out that she learned how much she missed dancing while doing her show in Japan.