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“My #mcm and my #bce (baby crush everyday) on Mother’s Day,” Marcille captioned the photo. (apparently this emoji is a threat in the court of law lol FOH man) #Frances Cress Wesling#theisispapers,” Mc Call wrote.Well, Mc Call wasn’t happy at all about seeing Sterling hold his daughter and he proceeded to threaten Sterling in a now-deleted repost of Marcille’s original Instagram post. After all my attempts to meet at the police station or anywhere “safe” so that I can just hold my OWN child the way this stranger gets to. This isn’t the first time that Mc Call has gotten upset with Marcille letting another man hold his daughter.

Cynthia Bailey may not be the only model featured on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” next season.However, Mullin refused to back down and posted a defiant response to Mc Call. #That S—Aint Changing #Takes More Than Semen To Be AFather,” Mullin responded.Marcille has yet to respond publicly to Mc Call’s latest outburst, but we doubt that her and Mc Call are any closer to squashing their beef with each other. Kevin Mc Call is currently getting dragged on Instagram for a post blasting Eva Marcille’s boyfriend. Is it fair or foul for Eva’s new boyfriend to pose with her daughter??? In case you didn’t know, the top model is currently dating Atlanta politician Michael Sterling… "America's Next Top Model" star Eva Marcille can't make her mind up -- days after she accused her baby daddy of violently kicking down several doors in their home and trying to snatch their child from her arms ... Eva obtained a restraining order against rapper BF Kevin Mc Call on March 28th, claiming he went ballistic during an argument and chased her around their home, trying to take their 2-month-old daughter.


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