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, paid homage to his Sheepshead Bay roots in a recent New York Post report.

Last month, Richman posted a picture of himself on Instagram showing off his new body.

The TV host—who has made a name for himself taking massive food challenges like eating a yard-long bratwurst or 72-ounce steaks—dropped 70 pounds over the course of 2013 (and more since).

It was like that when my grandpa ate there,” Richman told the Post.

Richman also gave love to the closed Adelman’s Deli and his time as a youth at the Kings Bay Y: Adelman’s Deli, formerly at 1906 Kings Hwy., at East 19th Street “This is one of those delis that they just don’t make anymore.

I doubt anyone will miss you.” He since apologized.

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"There is someone," Myleene, 36, coyly confirmed to the Speaking at the Radio Academy Awards on Monday evening, mum-of-two Myleene revealed she has a good reason for keeping her new beau under wraps — her father Oscar.They also had dances there where you could learn to talk to girls . Whenever his show came on TV, my girlfriend would cringe at all the food he was trying to inhale and make me change the channel but I always got the impression that Richman was a down-to-earth and funny guy.And, with his love of Sheepshead, obviously he’s got good taste.The 39-year-old Richman, who graduated Midwood High School, has been in the Hollywood limelight since 2004 when he made his acting debut in Joan of Arcadia.Besides acting, Richman’s interests fell with the world of cuisine, leading him to keep a journal of every restaurant visited dating back to 1995.“I love the amazing new food scene and the cultural aspect, but often, the native Brooklynite in me yearns for the way things used to be,” Richman told the Post.


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