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His eyes wobble here and there in panic and he holds his hands up as if the waitress has placed a still-breathing calf on the table. "Like, four little channels and all of them showing soccer all the time! No, I say, but I might be going out soon to do an interview. " He exclaims: "I'll give you my number and I'll show you all the best places." He writes down his number and I ask him to draw a smiley face next to it. The Fly 1986) In a brilliant bit of casting, Goldblum plays an eccentric scientist who turns into a fly after an experiment goes wrong.

I've got a pretty big lazy streak and sometimes I think what I'd really like to do is stay home and just watch a lot of TV. I watch a lot of rolling news, I can get addicted to it a bit." He doesn't watch network drama shows like Grey's Anatomy or The Sopranos, he likes kooky little shows like The Office, Extras and The Larry Sanders Show. It's the strangest smiley face I've ever seen – he's given it hair. With his twitchy bug eyes and freaked-out breathy voice, Goldblum makes this kooky Eighties hit (co-starring his future wife Geena Davis), which marked his entry into the A-list.

It was difficult not to laugh at the strangeness of it all. His routine in London is that he gets up, has breakfast and then meditates. The morning of our lunch, he had a dream that he was playing the piano in a bar but he forgot what he was playing and had to make it up. I dream a lot.") Probably, I say, something to do with the fact that he forgot his lines in Speed-the-Plow the previous night. Yes." It turns out I was right: he is obviously bored in London, although he's too polite to say it in so many words. "Call me every day and leave a joke on my answering machine." Then, suddenly, he snaps out of it.

He sits back and narrows his eyes as if to say: "Don't shrink me." He does singing exercises in the morning ("You know, la la la la LA la la la laaaa,") to keep his voice supple for all the zippy dialogue in the play. "It's like a muscle but also an instrument that you can train and play." He mimes playing a tiny violin. The steak tartare comes with the yolk of an egg balanced in half an eggshell on top of the meat. "I don't know if it's just my hotel or what but the TV here is just..." he holds a hand to his chest and his face droops like he's been stabbed. He draws himself up to his full height and saunters off, turning to throw me a little wave. " he drawls, flashing me a flawless Hollywood smile.

The weather and a series of uncharacteristic illnesses have kept him from getting out and about in town. Then he fell in love with Geena Davis, whom he met while filming Transylvania 6-5000. Oh OK, but can you just put the toast on the side then? "I've always considered myself emphatically not a hat person," he says. But I was out shopping with my sister Pam and she saw it and said, 'That's your hat.' I like it.

"I haven't really been walking in the parks; it's been a bit too cold. They got married on a whim while driving through Las Vegas and were divorced three years later. Sometimes I wear it when I'm playing with my jazz band." He had taken the hat off as he sat at our table, but now he casually settles it back on his head and smiles.

and I'll walk around the outside, walk around and see what's grown, because everything grows all the time." Does he take care of the garden? It was Robert Altman who gave Goldblum his first break, in 1974, in the films California Split and Nashville. Then he rings again during the week: "Just saying hi." We have a nice chat, but it is slightly strange behaviour from a big-time Hollywood actor to ring up a journalist he doesn't really know, just for fun.

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I'll answer anything about myself." He smiles dreamily.He produced a mockumentary called Pittsburgh, where he plays himself trying to get his girlfriend a Green Card by getting her to star in the musical The Music Man in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Do you read aloud with your boyfriend to each other? I like that." I change tack and try to get a few Then-Bobby-De Niro-Said-To-Me stories out of him.More recently, he took on the heavyweight Adam Resurrected, a film about a mental institution in Israel for concentration camp survivors. "I've read every Jeeves story, Lord Emsworth, Blandings Castle, all the stories, every single thing that he wrote. He's been in the business for 34 years; how has he seen things change for young actors? You still have to be in LA, you still need an agent. I even stay unfocused, no, not unfocused but just otherwise focused on my own professional path.He's familiar even now at 55, despite the deeper laughter lines and flecks of grey in his once jet-black hair.Jeff is currently making waves on the London stage.I should do a tourist thing, and I'm scared that I'm going to leave here and people will say, 'Wow, you still haven't seen ba ba ba ba da ba ba? Then there was Laura Dern, his co-star in Jurassic Park, who shared his Hollywood Hills mansion for a while. Then, more recently, he was seeing Catherine Wreford, who played the girlfriend he tries to get a visa for in Pittsburgh. "I never really particularly passionately wanted children," he says, shrugging his shoulders. Then he forgets to take it off and eats his oyster starter while still wearing it.


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