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PINSKY: She entered into this with full, I think, maybe she was in denial or something, Spirit. You know, people are -- you know, the gay man is a better form of the male, Mike. Vanessa, given Pat Robertson`s stands on homosexuality generally. But, in the forgiveness department, which kind of trumps that if we are having a hierarchy of beliefs here, I kind of understand where he is coming from.

She is the person that I love with all my heart, and so I chose to be with the person that I love and make it work. Back with Spirit, Mike, Vanessa, and Josh on Skype. And, he did not say stay and get marriage counseling, stay and go see the pastor. PINSKY: A few years ago, Pat Robertson was criticized when he gave the following advice to a woman who asked how she should get over her husband`s infidelity. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) ROBERTSON: Stop talking about the cheating.

Recently, I found out he cheated on me with a male Christian friend in our church. PREACHER PAT ROBERTSON, "THE 700 CLUB" HOST: You have been married for 11 years, this guy got drunk -- CAROL: But with a male friend from church, that is kind of strange. If he were this way all the time, if he is a habitual drunk, if he is a habitual homosexual -- or all the rest of it then by all means, take a hike.

He says it was a mistake that it just happened while they were drunk, and he wants me to forgive him. ROBERTSON: Well, he did not know what he is dealing with. But one time, 11 years, do not throw all that away. And, I cannot believe "The 700 Club" is still a thing. If you are into organized religion, that is your thing.

So, the situation you are talking about I think is very different than our marriage.

Part of the reason it works for me, though, my wife and I -- We have been married for almost 13 years, but she knew I was gay for years before we got married.

CATHERWOOD: Well, I could do anything to wake up gay. Do not you find the whole thing kind of surprising? PINSKY: Now he - so, he is trying to protect the sanctity of marriage. That is not an option for me and should not be for most women. PINSKY: And, the drinking, I tell you, the drinking has nothing to do with it -- CLANTON: Right. () PINSKY: -- Except it is an excuse and, by the way, if anyone is worried about cheating, drinking really increases the probability -- CLANTON: Exactly. So, Josh, explain -- you have heard this conversation we have been having with this panel. JOSH WEED, GAY MARRIED TO WOMAN: Well, it works well. She has to under -- The wife has to have -- first of all, the guy has to know what and who he is. PINSKY: And the woman has to know what she is entering into. (END VIDEO CLIP) PINSKY: Joining us Spirit, psychotherapist, Mike Catherwood, my co- host on "Love Line," and Vanessa Barnett from And, if it makes your live better, that is awesome. How many guys have gone home to their wives and they are like, "Honey, I made a mistake. CLANTON: This is not, "Oh, I went out and I had an affair with, you know, the bible study lady at the church.


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