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The 80s pageants were so beautiful and magical to watch. and the gowns, swimsuits, oh gosh, just horrible and tacky!(NT) -- I miss those pageants and the excitement I had watching them, 11/06/17 Mon Too many to choose from!! (NT) -- This contest is soooo Venezuela, 08/24/17 Thu HORRIBLE swimsuits.Former Miss USA Rima Fakih – the first Arab-American to win the pageant in May 2010, may be adding an unfortunate new title to her roster: defendant.

After many favs got eliminated, Shandi was the clear winner but most of us agree that it could have went either way.

(NT) -- Tiki-Java, 08/26/17 Sat No, "Humble Pie" means eating a slice of humbleness, or rather, an arrogant person has had to humble themselves. She was 1st runner up in Miss Illinois Teen USA few years back and I think she was runner up in another year too. (NT) -- g Ag A_x (nsi), 08/30/17 Wed Different opinion here... Beautiful in a unconventional way (much like I thought of Melinda Bam of South Africa). While I don't think this is best photo of all of thirst winners, I do think they were all excellent stage performers.

I'm not say anything about Amy, just the term "humble pie." (NT) -- Tiki-Java, 08/29/17 Tue Amy is a beautiful women with strong pageant experience. This Miss USA demonstrates a look that reminds me of past beauties from Somolia and/or Etheopia. That's matters more than how you photograph at appearances.

Rima Fakih was arrested as she was driving a black 2011 Jaguar with a half-empty bottle of wine. Wrong Fakih” This Rima Fakih’s DUI arrest is not the first time she has faced scandal.

Fakih took a breathalyzer and blew more than twice the legal limit. Her lawyer Doraid Elder confirmed the arrest and said that “"she is very saddened and very apologetic for the situation that she is in right now." The beauty queen also tweeted and removed the tweet saying “Let's clear things up now. Right after her reign as the Miss USA pageant, an earlier video of her participating in a "Stripper 101" pole dancing contest emerged.


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