Who to contact about consolidating student loans

If you attended school previously and used up your six-month grace period, those loans will enter repayment.

If you go back to school, your previous loans can be put into deferment status while you attend at least half-time.

Contact your loan servicer to ensure an in-school deferment is posted.

If you qualify, paying for higher education may provide some tax relief.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you’re no longer enrolled.

Our Repayment Counseling Center will communicate with you through calls and email to help you prepare for repayment, keep you informed of student loan options and let you know what resources are available if you need them.

The Borrower’s Rights and Responsibilities Statement is attached to the Master Promissory Note (MPN) you signed when you applied for your federal financial aid loan.

Here’s an overview of those expectations: When you first received federal financial aid, you were likely required to complete entrance counseling.

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Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference — even after you’ve completed your degree program.

From the servicer’s website, you can view your total balance, payments and due dates, as well as other options for your loans.

This is the easiest way to stay on top of your loans.

For more information, please read the Exit Counseling Guide from Federal Student Aid (dated July 2015).

When you first enter repayment, you’ll need to contact your loan servicer for details about repayment plans..


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